All about the Marvelous Menopause Program

All about the Marvelous Menopause Program

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey through menopause, feeling empowered, and embracing your best self? My Menopause Programme is a comprehensive and personalised programme, designed to help you navigate the changes that come with menopause, and discover the path to feeling your absolute best!

Work directly with me while I impart years of knowledge, experience and expertise in guiding individuals through peri and post menopausal wellness journeys. The programme is structured into 10 immersive weeks of in-person training with Cat. Each session will be tailored to suit your unique needs and fitness level and accompanied by programme modules designed for helping people enhance physical strength and stamina, and build the confidence to embrace your body's changes with grace.

This program can also be completed as a 5-week option where we work through the first 5 topics only. 

Week One – Marvelous Menopause
- Learn what Peri Menopause and Menopause really is.

- Understand what is happening to your body and the hormones involved.

- Being to reframe the way you feel about your menopause journey.

Week Two – Preparing to make lifestyle changes
- It’s time to put time a side to focus on you.

- Follow 5 tasks to visualise where you want to be, your wellness goals and start to put it all in place.

Week Three – Nutrition for Menopause
- Time to learn the basics of nutrition to leave calorie counting behind.

Week Four – Moving your body through this period of life
- Are you exercising but its making you even more exhausted or you aren’t seeing the results you want? It’s time to learn how to make sure how you are moving your body is beneficial not detrimental.

Week Five – Stress and Menopause
- Time to talk stress and how it is affecting your menopause journey.
- Sleep! Let’s improve it.

Week Six – Menopause Mindset Makeover
- Do you have negative perceptions of your self? It’s time to let go of any these, and give yourself permission to take care of yourself.

Week Seven – Gut Health
- Learn about the connection between your gut and your hormones and everyday tips you can do to improve your gut health.

Week Eight – Energy and Fatigue
- Feeling exhausted and sluggish all the time? You are not alone! Let’s learn 8 natural solutions for boosting your energy.

Week Nine – Beauty and Self Image 
- Let’s talk about self-love – what is it and how do we get there?

- It’s time to improve how you see yourself and challenge those self-beliefs that are holding you back.

Week Ten – Your Second Act and Beyond 

 - Time to reflect and celebrate

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