Hey! I’m Cat, I love to draw, I have a beautifully cheeky two-year-old son with my hubby and my favorite night out is at home. 

I found myself entering the fitness industry after my own wellness journey that started when I was 18 years old.  There were good paths in this
journey but there was also a lot of negative ones a long the way as well, and it was these paths that lead me to training to be a personal trainer at the age
of 22.  In the first week of Polytech we had to do the dreaded introduce yourself and why you’re here activity and I
still remember to this day what I said “Hi my name is Cat and I am here to help the everyday person”

My mission is to foster an inclusive environment where all my incredible clients feel welcome and empowered to improve their well-being. Being exclusively inclusive means that I welcome everyone regardless of their age, size, background, or beliefs. It's about creating a safe and supportive space where everyone feels valued and respected.

I take great pride in my brand new Menopausal Programmes, which are designed to support and guide individuals through this transformative stage of life. As a Coach, I firmly believe that the journey to better health and fitness is a personal one, tailored to your unique goals and aspirations. That's why I don't rely on rigid guidelines; instead, I work collaboratively with you to create a personalised plan that motivates and puts you at ease.

My role as a PT and coach is all about you and what you want to achieve. I am always happy to have a discussion with you about PT and what to expect.

If you are not quite ready to book you can complete the online consultation and I will be in touch to discuss some tailored health advice and arrange a PT session, or click the button below and give me a call.