Top Tips for keeping active during the cooler months:

Top Tips for keeping active during the cooler months:

As the days get darker and cooler, getting outside to exercise starts to be less and less inviting. Here are some top tips for keeping motivated this Autumn! 
1. Pack your bag the night before:  

This removes morning obstacles, saves you time in the morning and ensures a consistent routine. Packing your pack the night before eliminates trying to find warm gear in the cold and dark mornings. It also getting out of bed a lot more convenient!

2. Rug Up Really Warm: 

Keep your body comfortable while you move it is a key way to make working out in the cooler months easier. By layering up and keeping your body warm, you retain the heat your body is producing. By keeping your body warm, you also keep your muscles warm, making it less likely to cause yourself an injury!  
3. Try a new workout at the gym! 

We will have the gym heaters blasting in the winter so you have no excuse not to pop on down and try something new! We have an excellent range of gym equipment available and us personal trainers would love to show you how to make the most of your workout.
4. Find a friend! 

Grab a friend and get active together! Working out is much more fun when you’re exercising with someone, and you’re less likely to skip a workout when you’ve
 made plans together! Win win!
5. Try a new activity!

Actually enjoying your exercise does make it much easier to motivate yourself. Team sports, such as netball, are an awesome way to get to know new people, learn some new techniques and stay active! If you participate in exercise you like, it will be a much more pleasurable experience therefore you’re more likely to add into into your routine regularly! If team sports aren’t your thing, there are still plenty of activities you can try to get active and enjoy yourself – you could try swimming, brisk walks, golf, boxing, yoga... the options are endless!

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